18.30-20.30 MONDAY

Glasgow University Concert Hall


Wind Band is the best place to play a wide range of music as well make friends and have fun. Anyone of any ability is more than welcome to join us and new players are welcome at any time of the year. Rehearsals are from 6.30-8.30pm on Monday evenings in the Concert Hall, usually followed by drinks. No auditions necessary, so just come along and join in!

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Jessica Sullivan

Wind Band Co-Ordinator


The Wind Band coordinators' have to make sure a conductor is appointed for the ensemble, and to ensure he/she signs the conductor's contract.  They also have to arrive at the Concert Hall before rehearsals are due to start to sign out the keys and set up which ensures that rehearsals can start promptly. Coordinators work with the conductor to choose pieces that are enjoyable and of a suitable level for the band to play. This also means ordering and organising all the music to ensure all instruments have a part to play. 


Melissa Denker

Wind Band Co-Ordinator


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