Welcome To Glasgow University Music Club!

We've had a bit of a facelift since you last saw our website, look at this sleek new logo and the beautiful colour scheme! New year, new us!

Although our image may have changed a bit we are still the same GUMC you know and love - just with a fancy new website and modern looking logo. And for those who are new, WELCOME TO GUMC. We are a friendly group of people who love music, performing and having a lot of fun. 
Not only do we run concerts throughout the year and give opportunities for performance we also host a variety of socials and events throughout the year! You'll be updated about socials and events through your weekly rehearsals and on the websites calendar section. 

We hope you enjoy the new look, and enjoy all the talent that comes from Music Club throughout the year. 

What comes along with this new image is a lot of new useful features for our members and sponsors, check them out:



From, GUMC Committee 2017/18 x

Lucy McCausland