Are there practice rooms available?

Unfortunately, the only practice rooms on campus are those in the Music Department, and the
space is very limited, so these must be reserved for Music students who need to practice as part of
their course. A good alternative is the Mitchell Library, which is only a 15 minute walk from campus.
They have three practice rooms, all of which contain upright pianos. Level 4 of the Glasgow Uni
library also has electronic keyboards which anybody can use.


Can I store my instrument on campus?

Again, though the Music Department are kind enough to allow us to use their rooms for group
rehearsals, space is very limited in the building and so there are currently no secure spaces to store
larger instruments. Please don’t let this put you off joining groups - if dragging your tuba to practice
tires you out, there’s always pizza in Bank Street after rehearsal to replenish your energy!


Which groups can I join if I play piano?

Though we have no groups aimed specifically at piano/keyboard players, our Percussion Ensemble
would be delighted to have you, and our Wind Band always welcomes new percussionists. There is
also limited space for a keyboard player in our Folk group.


I’m not a confident player, can I still join?

Absolutely. All of our groups are non-audition, with the focus being very much on the enjoyment of
making music. We play a variety of different types, and standards of music in every ensemble, so if
you struggle with one piece, there’ll always be another which is a walk in the park!


Do you offer lessons?

Though we as a society do not offer lessons, certain members may do on an individual basis, and if
you ask around in the club there will always be somebody to point you in the right direction!




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