Anna Dombrowsky


Being president of the Music Club is a challenging but very enjoyable role.  The main tasks are keeping on top of everything that is going on within Music Club and making sure everyone on the committee is carrying out their individual tasks and fulfilling their roles. As president you are also required to organise and chair weekly committee meetings; oversee the running of concerts and other events arranged by Music Club; and keep in contact with the university's music department.  This is a great, extremely rewarding opportunity for someone who is organised and able to dedicate the time and effort required.

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Lucy McCausland


The VP assists the President in all their tasks and have their own specific responsibilities such as organising the Music Club ball.  The VP should be prepared to chair meetings in the absence of the President.  It is a varied role and important qualities for the VP include being flexible, organised and good at team work.


Anna Rothnie


The position of secretary is a great role to play on the Music Club Committee and regular jobs of the secretary are to take the minutes at weekly meetings and keep up with the club correspondence.  It is a good opportunity to help organise the events of the club alongside the events coordinators, have your opinion heard and also learn about the other ensembles in the club apart from your own. Being secretary is suitable for people who enjoy organising, is sociable, and fancies putting forward suggestions for the club. 


Eamonn Bradley


The role of treasurer is very important and requires someone who is organised and efficient. The main duties include putting membership money and concert donations to the bank and ensuring that an accurate record is kept of all incoming and outgoing finances. The treasurer will also give a financial report at the end of each academic year to the appointed auditor. The role gives you experience of cash handling and basic accounting skills.

Lynsey Mariott

Honorary President

This is an advisory role available to a previous member of the executive committee (President, VP, Secretary or Treasurer).


Izzie Barton


The Wind Band coordinators' have to make sure a conductor is appointed for the ensemble, and to ensure he/she signs the conductor's contract.  They also have to arrive at the Concert Hall 30 minutes before rehearsals are due to start in order to sign out the keys and set up which ensures that rehearsals can start promptly. Coordinators work with the conductor to choose pieces that are enjoyable and of a suitable level for the band to play. This also means ordering and organising all the music to ensure all instruments have a part to play. 


Natalie Brayshaw




David Chalmers


The Flute Choir co-coordinator (or Flude King) is in charge of running weekly rehearsals, preparing music, conducting and organising social events for a cheerful group of flautists.


Craig Harrison


Running folk music group is a great opportunity to promote traditional music within the university. Although it can be demanding at times it is also a very rewarding experience.  Responsibilities include sourcing tunes to bring along to the group as well as the opportunity to organise and play at ceilidhs in and around the university.  They also organise a weekly session after rehearsals at a venue of their choice and need to organise this before the start of the academic year.


Sonia Killmann


The Choir co-coordinator leads and conducts the choir in a range of musical styles. This involves preparing music – i.e. learning all the different choral parts in order to teach the music most effectively. 


Max Thomson


Being percussion group coordinator is a chance to lead a music group in a relaxed environment.  It is a good way to improve your organisational and communication skills in a very friendly group that is willing to try new things and to suggest new ideas/pieces for the group.

Aaron Hawthorne


The Chamber choir co-coordinator leads and conducts the Chamber choir. This involves preparing music – i.e. learning all the different choral parts in order to teach the music most effectively. As it focuses on classical and Renaissance music, experience in this genre of music is helpful to the role.


Ysaline Duvieusart


This role combines the role of publicity and social secretary. As the title suggests, this role involves organising all social events throughout the year. This includes events such as freshers week, ceilidh, post-concert parties, subcrawl, Christmas dinner and end of year ball. This role is definitely great fun and requires a very social, enthusiastic, and outgoing party animal for social events to be a success. On a serious note, social events are a large part of GUMC and you need be to be organised and have the time available in your uni schedule to make sure each event goes ahead. They should also keep an online presence (Facebook page, twitter and website) up to date with new information as well as making sure Music Dept and SRC websites have correct contact details and club information. Creation and distribution of posters and flyers for upcoming concerts is also vital. These roles are shared between two events co-ordinators thus it is essential to be good at team work, and tasks can be divided up as you wish. 


Jamie Quinn 




Elias Muusavi


Being an ordinary member means you help out with all the odd jobs that need doing. This includes being an extra pair of hands to set up at concerts, putting up posters, and helping out at social events. By attending committee meetings you also have the opportunity to offer your creative input to the running of music club events and be part of decision making. It is a good way of gaining insight into how music club runs and how all of the other committee roles work in case you want to take on a more senior position the following year.