A Week in GUMC: Wednesday, Hump-Day Helping!

You've made it...half way through the week, you can almost taste the weekend - for us that could be the sweet taste of a pint of fun...or magic (no bias here)! 

What a better night then to get out and celebrate by playing your instrument and listening to the sweet sweet sounds of those brass instruments or the crazy techniques of the percussion ensemble. 


Percussion Ensemble

Wednesday 8:30 - 10

Glasgow University Concert Hall 



If you're looking to take out your euphonium or trumpet (every other brass instrument welcomed), then come along to 14 University Gardens at 8pm for an hour of beautiful brass playing and then to Bank Street for a pint and some free pizza afterwards (yes, FREE pizza). Sounds like the perfect hump day cure to brighten the middle of your week!


Brass Ensemble

Wednesday 8-9

Club Room, Glasgow University Music Department

14 University Gardens


If that doesn't blow you horn and you're more percussive then take yourself to the concert hall from 8.30pm-10pm to produce amazing sounds, who knows you might even meet some of those brilliant Brass players down in Bank Street afterwards!

That's Wednesday folks, don't fret there is still great things to look forward to on Thursday on our final night of rehearsals for the week. 

See you there!

Lucy McCausland